The life of a…

1. Fast-track-NCTJ-student – Amy Packham.

I am starting an 18-week-intensive course to complete and gain my NCTJ Multimedia Journalism qualification. Although it can be completed over the period of a year, I have opted to do the fast-track, full-time course which means Monday-Friday 9-5.

Entry 1 – pre-course preparations.       Entry 7 – Week 6.                  

Entry 2 – the first week.                         Entry 8 – So it’s finally half term

Entry 3 – week two.                                 Entry 9 – Trip to Brussels.

Entry 4 – Is it week 3 already?         Entry 10 – Week 10, I’m still here.

Entry 5 – one month done.              Entry 11 – It’s nearly Christmas.

Entry 6 – 5 weeks and counting.  Entry 12 – The light at the end of the tunnel

2. Final year journalism student – Natasha Slee

I will be documenting my final year on Jump for Journalism, from dissertation to final major project, work placements to graduation. The tears, the fears, and the dreams in between.

Entry 1 – Hello September.

Entry 2 – Producing a teen mag.

Entry 3 – Those who say they work best in cafes are lying.

Entry 4 – Real life isn’t working alone.

Entry 5 – Internships and all their pitfalls

Entry 6 – Could 2013 be the best year yet?

Entry 7 – One half of degree, done!

Entry 8 – Finally, the end!



3 thoughts on “The life of a…

  1. Good luck with your course! May I ask where are you studying it? I want to purse a fast-track NCTJ Diploma in Journalism sometime soon in the future and I’ve been uncertain of where to study it, although Brighton Journalist Works and News Associates London sound appropriate.

    • Thank you 🙂 yeah of course, I am studying it at Brighton City College. I applied to both news associates and journalist works but I chose city college as it was the cheapest 🙂

      • Great! I don’t know if the price for the Multimedia course is the same as the one for Diploma in Journalism, but they sure are pricey 😀 Journalist Works has an instalment plan which I thought was helpful, but I didn’t know about City College offering one! I look forward to reading more about the course on your blog! 🙂

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