What better way to understand the industry, than talking to journalists themselves?

Read on for journalists’ experiences, advice and encouragement in pursuing a career in journalism.

1. Interview with Ellie Henman – winner of ITV2’s The Exclusives – AUGUST 2012

2. Interview with Liz Jarvis – Journalist for 20 years and Travel Mag Editor – AUGUST 2012

3. Interview with Ricky Carbis – Travel Journalist and Founding Editor of Yuppee Magazine – AUGUST 2012

4. Interview with Kayleigh Tanner – Achieved gold standard on her fast-track NCTJ course – SEPTEMBER 2012

5. Interview with Talal Musa – DailyMail’s Sport sub-editor and and video games journalist – SEPTEMBER 2012.

6. Interview with Natasha Wynarczyk – Features Assistant at Marie Claire – SEPTEMBER 2012

7. Interview with Laura Cartledge – Features Writer at etc. magazine – SEPTEMBER 2012

8. Interview with Kirsty McCormack – Showbiz journalist at MailOnline – OCTOBER 2012.

9. Interview with Surena Chande – Writer at Good Taste Magazine – JUNE 2013


10. Interview with Henry Willis – Staff Writer at IPC Media – JUNE 2013


11. Interview with Billy Dowling-Reid – Web publisher and founder of – JUNE 2013


12. Interview with La Carmina – TV host, blogger, author and journalist – JULY 2013




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