Natasha Slee – Contributing ‘The Life of a…’ Writer.

Facing the third and final year of my Fashion Journalism degree I imagine is much like that moment before a bungee jump. You want to jump into this free world of career and experience, but that tiny 0.001% chance of failure hesitates you. That’s where I am right now. I’ve lived in London for two years; studying, gaining work experience and bylines, and partying, of course. I always wanted to work in the fashion industry, and I always wanted to move from sleepy Devon to the city, however it wasn’t until halfway through my Foundation in Art and Design at Falmouth uni that I realised I could be a journalist. I will be documenting my final year on Jump4Journalism, from dissertation to final major project, work placements to graduation. The tears, the fears, and the dreams in between.”

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Annette Stevens – Contributing ‘The Life of a…’ Writer.

After entering a competition for Aspire teen magazine, my dream of being a journalist seemed a million miles away. With that magazine, I won a reviewing position, meaning I could write for them. Not much has changed, apart from my writing schedule. It is a honour to be a part of Jump4Journalism, as well as being published anywhere. Currently I blog at, with the url changing soon. My journalism ambitions are to expand that, and eventually be able to turn it into a magazine, as well as working for Elle.


If you are a trainee journalist, a journalist who has just got their job, a wannabe journalist or a journalism graduate, it would be great if you wanted to share your experience to help build this online resource and journalism community.

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