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An exciting change and positive thinking

I’m a pretty negative person. Not overtly negative when all my friends are around, but I’m the one who will say the half eaten chocolate bar is nearly finished, even after one bite. I’ve never really, truly taken onboard the whole ‘thoughts are things’ idea until very recently, and I guess I never realised how detrimental continuous negative feelings can be.


With the wave of mindfulness and meditation shifting into our lives, I’ve began reading and learning about how damn important it is to be positive. Positive thoughts bring positive things, or so they say. I’m still learning, but it’s worked for me so far. And since reading about and trying to practise the mantra of being positive and actually really believing great things can happen, a lot of great things HAVE happened for me. Some might be coincidences, some are results of hard work, and maybe others are because thoughts do actually become things…

When I started writing this blog four years ago, I was sat in my tiny university room feeling bogged down with the reality of soon-to-be graduate life. I didn’t have the job hunt on the horizon, because of my NCTJ and a five month stint of travelling, and yet nearly a year before I was ready to apply for jobs, I was constantly writing about how competitive and hard it was going to be. NEGATIVE, you see? Four years on and I’m pretty excited to be starting my new role as a Lifestyle Writer at The Huffington Post UK this week – a job I used to see advertised and think ‘I would LOVE to get that job but I will never get it, it’s too competitive, loads of people will apply, but yeah, it’s pretty dreamy.’

I wish I could go back and talk to my younger and naive self and be like you damn well can do that job, apply for it, try your hardest, and show them how much you want it. Maybe then my career journey up until now would’ve been different? I used to have this vision that working in London on a well-known publication was basically impossible, and yes I would try, but with the idea in my mind that I ‘probably wouldn’t get it’.

Yet with this new role, I had a new found confidence in my abilities, and perhaps its due to experience, or just longer in the industry, but I knew I could do the job, it was just about showing them I could. I imagined only positive outcomes, which sure, is hard to do especially when you really want it. I went through each phase of the interview process thinking of getting the job, rather than the sly dig at myself that I wouldn’t get it. I tried to push negative thoughts away as soon as they inevitably entered my mind. I prepared more than I needed to .so I couldn’t look back and say ‘well Amy, if only you had tried a little bit harder.’

I’ve never been a spiritual person, but I don’t want to miss my luck if I start letting the negative thoughts come back in. Just think how much more we could achieve if we genuinely believed and imagined positive things happening to us. I mean, I’m only learning but I imagine it would be a lot.

So yay to a new adventure and a new way of thinking. 

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