The key to happiness? Regularity.

Sometimes, you do something you really love and you say afterwards ‘That was great, we should do that more often‘.


Like pancake day. Everyone pretty much salivates over pancake day. 97% of people love it. Everyone is cheery and happy and talks for hours at work about what they’re going to have on their pancake. And the next day you all talk about how many pancakes you ate and OMG YOU COULDN’T MOVE AFTERWARDS, and pancake day is just so great isn’t it, and you’re definitely going to make pancakes more often.

But who actually makes pancakes on any other day apart from pancake day?

That’s exactly my point. It’s something that makes people happy, and no I don’t mean you should be making pancakes every day of the week, but why don’t we do it again, if we like it?

The idea of happiness, self-help and wellbeing is becoming widely spoken about now. Experiences are becoming so much more important than having no work/life balance whatsoever, and people want to know how to be cheery and happy and full of beans all the time. Well here’s one of my pieces of advice – doing things that make you happy, regularly. It sounds so simple, right?

“By doing the right things regularly and relentlessly, studies show we can increase our chances of being happier.”

Blogging makes me happy. When I’m writing and publish a post I feel better about myself. I like putting it on Twitter. I like confirming the fact I’m not one of those bloggers who blogs once a year. And yet when I stop doing it for a month or so I get annoyed at myself and feel pressure to do a really great post, and I keep putting it off. But it’s not until I sit down and set aside time to sit and write that I realise it makes me happy and I should definitely do it more often.

Finishing a run makes me happy. Not the feeling of getting changed into running clothes rather than sitting in my cosy living room, but being on a run, finishing said run, and being proud of how far I’ve gone. That makes me happy. So yes, maybe I have to force myself to get out of the house in the first place, but I know when I come home and for the rest of that evening, I’m going to be feeling good.

Sometimes it’s an effort to plan all this stuff that we know is going to put ourselves in a better mood, but it’s laziness that stops us from doing it. With university bringing together friends from all over the country, I have no doubt that so many people have friends over three hours away. And when you see them it’s great and you say and wish that you could do it all the time. And then you don’t see them for another six months. Just book it again! Just book it. Make it a regular thing. Make an effort to make it a regular thing, because you know it makes you happy and you know you’re going to look forward to it.

Choose the things you love doing. Some things might be so small like having a bath during the week (because baths are great, and we do we feel so constantly busy that we actually can’t manage time to lay in a bath for an hour!?), or big like travelling up north to see someone you rarely get to see. Make a list, set aside time to work out when you can do these things.

You’re never going to look back and regret doing the things you love doing, are you?

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