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Going old school and writing a journal

I love stationery. I really love stationery. It used to be the dream in September when my mum would take me to WHSmiths with £10 to spend on all new stationery and notepads and pens and rubbers and all those crazy things that you wouldn’t really use, but looked pretty fancy when you got it out in class. And tippex. All that. But notepads is probably THE one that got me, and the love that never really went away.


Without fail, birthday and Christmas’ will bring me new, gorgeous notepads and I look at them and think of all the things I could write in that notepad. Is it going to be my to-do list notepad? Or my ideas notepad? Or a notepad to keep in my bag if I need to write stuff when I go out? Or ideas for features? Or planning notes? To be fair, it never really needs a function and I have a lot of empty notepads in my drawer waiting for a purpose to be yanked out and used daily with scribbles and ideas and everything inside it.

So yes, I got a notebook for Christmas (currently filled with notes on how to do Photoshop because y’know, gotta learn these things). And then I went shopping in Holland with my family and picked up the prettiest, most gorgeous pale link notepad, with thick notepaper and a clasp. In Paperchase there’s no doubt about it, it would’ve been £16.99. In that shop? Five euros. Obviously I bought it, and because it was so beautiful, had to have some pretty damn good notes inside it.

That was basically the longest intro ever to this: I have started a journal. A real-life, written, on paper, no technology journal. I really do love writing, I write all my to-do lists down on paper rather than on my laptop or phone, I have a written paper diary which I couldn’t go without, I just don’t think technology could take over that bit of my life just yet. When I was around 12/13 my best friend and I set a New Year’s resolution to write in our Jacqueline Wilson diaries every single day. For the whole year. And you’d think at that age it was doomed a failure from the beginning. But we actually did it, and we wrote something about our day, every day, for 365 days. And I loved it, and told myself I would do this FOREVER.

Obviously I didn’t.

I did another journal when I travelled the world for five months and it is by far my favourite journal yet. My friend and I made time every day to write, and write, and write about all the weird and crazy and amazing and hard things that happened in all the countries we visited. Sometimes it was a pain to keep it up, but most of the time it was refreshing to write down everything we had seen and experienced into words because even though the memories were as clear as anything in that moment, they would soon become fuzzy. I will read it now and I’m amazed at how detailed it was, and things that I’ve already forgotten.

So you know where this is leading, right? My beautiful pink notepad, and journal writing. I’ve started writing again this year, as in actual pen-to-paper writing. And the weird thing is, is that I sat down at the beginning of the year to write and I didn’t even know where to start. What do you write in a journal that no one really sees? I read that writing a journal and writing down your thoughts is meant to be pretty good for our wellbeing. So I started writing stuff, and then it gets quite easy to just carry on and write about my day and things that happened, and things I want to do, and things that made me happy.

So I lied, kinda. I’m by no means having a complete digital detox. I mean I’m sat here in bed with my laptop at 10pm, so it’s hardly breaking away from technology. But, on the majority of evenings that I have free, I’m going to write in that pretty pink notepad instead of spending half an hour refreshing my Twitter feed.


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