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Yes, it is okay that you want to be your own editor.

Not that long ago, hopeful journalists went through university and education with the dream being working for one of those top glossy magazines or national newspapers. It was that specific brand they were aspiring to, whether it be a features writer for VOGUE, or working on the fashion team at ELLE. The absolute DREAM was to answer the question:

“Where do you work?”


“Vogue.” [Or insert other major brand name here]

But now I think things are changing. Not only with myself, but with the mass of writers who are sharing content online about their thoughts about work, their career, and the industry. The current generation of young people entering into the world of work, or ‘millennials’ as they’re being called are possibly the most fast-forward, driven individuals, filled with entrepreneurial spirit. They’re self-starters. They want to do things on their own, and achieve things on their own. And it’s not just about who they work for anymore, it’s about being able to say that something is your own, that YOU created it.

Through Twitter, blogs, networking and just talking to people, it’s become so obvious that journalism students are looking ahead to do just that. And the majority of that is through blogs. Blogging is a massive buzzword that’s used perhaps a bit too much. Anyone can say ‘I have a blog’, and that doesn’t distinguish between the ones that are posted to daily with amazing photography, thousands of followers, and bringing in an income, to the ones that are posted on once every other year, and are barely looked at.

I’m talking about the first of those two. The blogs that are actually, by and large, established publications, with 100s of 1000s of followers, incredible designs, thoughtful posts, and basically online magazines. Because that’s what they are. And actually, a lot of them (more than you’d probably realise) probably have more views and followers than established online magazines.

It’s that amazing thing called The Internet that’s made this all happen. We have the tools, and the natural digital skills to be able to build our own websites, magazines and blogs. And we can actually make money from them, and earn a living from them. Who wants someone telling you what you can and can’t write, when you can write what you like, and be your own boss? Because it’s not a crazy idea for young people anymore, everyone seems to be jumping on the bandwagon of doing things for themselves and it’s becoming accepted as the norm.

And more recently, for those who are pretty active on social media, too – your ‘own’ project is just one part of the brand that you’re creating for yourself. Having a blog or online magazine, with people that read that, religiously follow you on Twitter, love your photos on Instagram and like your posts on Facebook. It’s all becoming part of one big package. We don’t want Twitter followers just to feel better about ourselves, but because it’s all part of building a brand for ourselves. Maximising our online presence.

And I think it’s a pretty exciting climate to be in right now.


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