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Deciding on my New Year’s resolutions. Too early?

Perhaps it is too early to be looking to January already, but meh. I’m doing it anyway. I love December so much – I revel in ANYTHING that is Christmassy. I love tinsel, I love Christmas songs, and I well and truly am in the Christmas spirit from the first day of the month. Well actually it’s probably from about mid November. The problem with this: the January blues hit me and I always need/want something exciting to look forward to after the tree has been taken down and it’s just cold and pretty miserable. So yeah – perhaps that’s why I’m planning ahead.


Last year my NYR was to go to the gym. I actually did that and joined and went 3/4 times a week every week until September. Then I got a job in London and the thought of going to the gym AND doing the dreaded commute during the cold winter months was just out of the question. Soz body.

At work I’ve been writing a feature about having career-related New Year’s resolutions, and how writing them down is actually really good for you. I’ve been chatting to all these people about what THEIR resolutions are and, naturally, it made me think of mine. So here they are.

1. Build my own website

This is currently in the making. Well I say that, I just Googled ‘top 10 website builders’. I’ve got some experience in doing this for an online magazine I built with a friend, but two brains are better than one, and I’m still trying to work out what I want it to do. I want to register my own domain ( I want to write about different things aside from being a journalist. I want to write about my own life aside from work. Journalism, as I know it, is massively changing and although that’s exciting, it’s made me realise my little blog isn’t as helpful as the majority of other journalism websites that are up to date on everything that’s going on.

2. Swot up on Adobe’s programmes

Last night, while my cousin was visiting for the evening he gave me a 20 minute tutorial on Photoshop. I’ve used it before and I know the basics, but I want to get to the point where I’m comfortable doing visuals for online stories. Whether it’s for work or for my blog, I need to stop relying on free programmes online like Picmonkey to do my images and not learning the basics of graphic design. It really pisses me off that I use shit stock images for visuals on my blogs. But people like pictures, so I’m like – it’s gotta be done.

I know these skills will come in useful one day, probably sooner than I realise. And the annoying thing is, is that I’ve learned them before and then not using them for ages means I forget. Because I’m stupid.

3. Pitch to publications

I have ideas when I’m on the bus or on the train and usually they’re not really applicable to my full-time job. But I want to actually get them down on paper and send them off to relevant publications and get my work published. I don’t have enough time at the moment – four hours of my day is spent commuting (no exaggeration), I still do work outside of work which is just about taking up all my time, and however much I do like to do work on the train, sometimes it’s just really annoying. I’m talking sweaty men in suits surrounding me in the train carriage. But hooray for moving to London in the New Year so those extra hours a day that are usually spent on a train will be spent being productive. She says.

4. Start an exercise class/weekly class

Oh how very cliche of me. I actually want to do a class, or something regular to y’know, not make me feel like all I do is eat and sit down all day. So soon when I’ll be getting home before 7.30pm, there’ll be time to actually do that stuff. Maybe pilates or yoga – I’ve heard good things. Or maybe I’ll just go for a weekly run. Unlikely.

I think I’ll need a three-month check back in the New Year to see if ANY of these are being done. Apparently only 3% of people keep their resolutions – ha.


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