Journalism Jobs / Lessons learned

Retail companies want journalists.

The industry has changed so much since I first decided I wanted to write for a living. The companies with the jobs were notoriously publishers – newspapers or magazines. That was it. For me, I preferred writing longer features than the idea of being a reporter, so with this black or white choice, I chose the ‘magazine’ route.

I agree with those saying journalism is a competitive industry, but in all honesty, there is SO much more scope for those who want to pursue careers in this industry. Taking online as an example, the growth of websites, iPads, apps and the digital world have given thousands more opportunities to aspiring journalists.

But the other thing? Shops. Retail outlets. Online shops.

It’s not the whole ‘groundbreaking, finding a story’ type of journalism, but it is writing features, getting quotes and published articles. I follow many journalism job Twitter accounts, and the companies looking for writers, albeit mostly digital, are expanding and evolving.

The White Company - features and articles

The White Company – features and articles

I recently saw a job as a Lifestyle Writer for The White Company (WHAT girl doesn’t love The White Company?!). The position was to write lifestyle features based on homes, interiors, decoration, and accessories – LOVE. You reported to the Editor (Yes, The White Company has an Editor), and the features look just like they would in magazines – i.e. ‘5 must-buys for stylish travelling’. If you go on their homepage, it looks just like any other retail online store, but their ‘blog’ section features all the articles… and they’re not even all about the company itself… ‘five-star breakfasts‘ was a personal favourite.

The fact is, a home and interiors retail shop is writing about breakfasts. They’re EMPLOYING journalists and writers to write about breakfast. Why? Because online is bloody huge. They’re attracting potential buyers to their website by having shareable content, interesting and visual features, and a reason to keep going back. Because yes, we love looking at pretty pictures of scented candles and white fluffy towels, but we also love to read just how we can transform our bedroom into a hotel room… for under a hundred quid.

And The White Company is just a tiny fish in this huge sea of companies who are hiring journalists. Topshop and Topman were recently hiring a Digital Editorial Assistant – they’re expanding their digital editorial team, and it makes sense. They have a printed magazine, just like ASOS, and keeping on top of the digital market is only going to benefit them. If you LOVE Topshop, you’ll be reading their mag and features, won’t you?

Obviously some fashion outlets have had magazines for yonks… i.e. the ASOS magazine sitting on my desk next to me. But they’re not ignoring online, and they’re even beginning to recruit because of it. It’s another take on journalism, giving you the option to work for your favourite brands AND write, rather than the national glossies that you probably envisaged yourself working for.

Even has a digital magazine, with an Editor, Deputy Editor and freelance journalists.

THERE ARE JOBS OUT THERE. And I really believe that the more we are embracing the world of online, the more opportunities there will be for aspiring journalists.

If you wanna be a newspaper reporter this is probs of no interest whatsoever. But fashion journalism, lifestyle journalism or digital journalists? Take note!


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