Work Experience

Fancy work experience with Nile Rodgers and Rudimental? Ummmm, yes you do.

I haven’t blogged. There’s a reason for that, and I’ve got some pretty exciting news to blog about very soon.

But BEFORE all that excitement, I thought I’d share an AMAZING opportunity from GoThinkBig, the careers website that helps 16-24 year olds on the career ladder. GoThinkBig has been my go-to site for career advice, and they’ve topped the opportunity awards with this one.

Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 15.43.18

You might have heard of them from the experience they gave young people last year, to help film Rizzle Kick’s Lost Generation video – from runners, to photographers, journalists, marketing and actors.

THIS year, they are recruiting young people to help co-produce a remix of ‘Le Freak’ alongside Nile Rodgers and Rudimental. Eeek. Up to 100 job roles are available, from creating a music video, to being on the marketing and creative teams. I know this isn’t strictly journalism, but working with the creative teams will introduce you to new media opportunities, and come on, it’s Rudimental…?

Each young person appointed to a role will work closely with a professional counterpart during September for the production of the track and music video, and early October for the secret gig. Amir Amor, of Rudimental said:

“There are so many talented young people across the UK who all too often don’t get the chance to prove themselves in a real work environment. That’s why we wanted to get involved with GoThinkBig, using this amazing chance to remix one of the all-time great tracks to offer up opportunities for people to get a foot on the career ladder.”

Tokunbo Ajasa-Oluwa, Head of GoThinkBig said:

“We want to make a difference to young people across the UK and show that with the right opportunity and some drive and determination, they can be successful at whatever they want.  Jobs in the creative and media industries are extremely sought after, so working with successful young artists like Rudimental and the legend that is Nile Rodgers, highlights exactly what it is possible to achieve. Music is a huge passion point for many young people, so such a project with these stars is a massive opportunity and one of thousands that we provide on GoThinkBig.”

You’ve only got until the 8th Sept to apply. Find out about ALL roles available here.


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