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Company magazine closes in print.

This really shocked me. And talking to other journalists and people within the industry, there’s been mixed reactions. Either the ‘Well print is in decline, it’s going to keep happening’ or the ‘Not COMPANY magazine? I can’t believe it!’. Two extremes… and I think I’m the latter.

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The publication is joining Bliss, Zest, Sugar, Nuts in titles that will cease to be printed. Just to clear it up, Company will still be alive and kicking, but in a digital format only. Anna Jones, chief executive at Hearst said:

“As a standalone digital brand, Company is well placed to provide a unique and dedicated service to this dynamic 16-24 old female demographic. Company already has a strong social presence across Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube and this focus will ensure this audience remains a key part of Hearst’s product portfolio.  

Company Magazine has earned a loyal following since its original launch in 1978 and I’d like to thank the hard-working editorial team, led by Editor-in-Chief Victoria White, for their continued dedication and passion as we take the brand into this next phase.”

I do think Company works well digitally because of their younger target audience, and their great way of using social media sites to boost their following. But, facing the facts, this is just another magazine falling off of our shelves, that people thought wouldn’t happen.

The reason it surprised me is because Company is unique. The magazine is different from the A4 glossy female lifestyle magazines that focus on fashion, beauty, sex and relationships. Yes they talk about all those four things, and probably just as much, but the mat paper, quirky designs, funky fonts, inclusion of their readers, focus on bloggers, and all-round ‘younger’ feel seemed to set them apart from the rest. They were the first magazine to feature a blogger (Zoella) on their cover, and they knew their target audience so well, that using phrases such as devo’d, obvz, and ‘beach bod inspo alert’ became common and regular.

I’m excited to see how their online brand develops but for now… it’s bye to Company magazine!


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