Blogging / Freelancing

Working hard, blogging less. Oops.

I need to blog.

really need to blog.

Shit. I haven’t blogged in nearly a month.

Cue my thought processes for the past several weeks. I always feel that sense of guilt, and gear up to write a post explaining why I haven’t blogged. I then realise no one probably notices or cares and it’s just my own obsessive mind that is playing tricks on me.

But it’s not that I just couldn’t be bothered to blog, or that I have been so busy up until 10pm EVERY night that I just don’t have enough time. It’s more that I have been doing so much extra work, that having one evening off where I really do have NOTHING to do is incredibly welcomed. I keep craving evenings not spent at my laptop, glued to the screen, and so when I have one, the last thing I want to be doing lately is using my free night off to write about what I’m trying not to think about.

WORK. It’s hard to switch off. When your work slowly slimes its way in to your evenings, you seem to associate being at home with doing work. That’s what I keep doing. I always thought when I had started a full-time (paid) job in the journalism industry, that doing all this ‘extra’ work that I used to do to enhance my CV, etc would stop.

It doesn’t, and there are many journalists who work for publications and yet still have time to freelance, blog, do their own thing, and have a social life. Because ultimately, freelancing gives you the option to write about exactly what you want to write about. It also shows your passionate, hard working, and keen to succeed.

I love doing my extra writing work, and even enjoy sitting down on a Sunday afternoon at my desk with a coffee and my mac in front of me to get some work done (unless it’s ridiculously sunny outside).

But, as any other human being would agree, sometimes it’s really good to have a day of ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. This time around, my little blog has suffered.

This quote is perfect, cheers Steve.



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