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Bliss magazine closes down… #ByeBliss

A while pack, I posted about the popular title, Zest Magazinefolding. It’s crazy how daily, this post gets read on my blog because people are searching on Google for the title, and finding that the magazine has gone under, along with many other print titles in the past couple of years. The latest news? Bliss magazine, the monthly teen go-to guide, with a passion for make-up, fashion and popular boy bands, has also folded after launching in 1995.


The reason why this shocked me even more, was because I completed a work experience at Bliss during my university years when I was desperately trying to improve the journalist aspect of my CV. I LOVED it there. We had Justin Bieber’s Boyfriend playing constantly, as well as Call Me Maybe and general chat about the X Factor, everything teen, and boy bands we probably should love at the age we were. I learnt a lot, got to contribute to both the website and the magazine, and felt really involved in the magazine from day 1 – not one of those work experience placements where you’re left to yourself because everyone is too busy to give you anything to do (or there is nothing to do…). More importantly, the girls working there really loved their job, they were passionate about the work they did and put a lot of effort into that magazine. They connected with their readers, had a loyal teenage following and in my opinion, were a strong candidate to survive the apparently decreasing teenage mag market.


However, the #ByeBliss messages flooded Twitter, and it’s almost upsetting to see how many teenagers will miss the beloved mag once a month. But being a teenager for me was when my eyes were opened to the world of magazines… begging my dad to get me the magazine with the free lip gloss on the front, or scurrying to read the problem pages at the back, or embarrassing stories that I just COULDN’T BELIEVE. It was such a treat to go home from a trip up the town with a magazine, and I think the way journalists write for teen mags really appeals to their audience. I love the idea of working on a teen magazine, because everyone working on it will have experienced what their readers are going through. Women reading Glamour or Grazia, might be married, have children, running their own business… and I wouldn’t be able to relate to that. But girls who are having problems with their bitchy best friends, don’t know when they will start their period or too embarrassed to tell anyone about THAT boy… well, we’ve all lived it.


I think teens turn to magazines as a bit of a Bible. They learn from it, of course love the gossip, but grow up having something to read and turn to in different stages of their ever-changing bodies and lives. It’s a shame that Bliss, a long with many other teen mags, are dying… but if they’re not being bought, what else can be done?

For an insight into working on Bliss Magazine by a former features writer… read this.


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