Blogging vs. freelance writing

It’s always the way isn’t it, that when you have more writing and more work to do, blogging tends to take a back seat. It’s something that you don’t have to do, you have no deadlines for, but there’s that sense of guilt when you don’t post.

I wanted to keep my blog going to document the work I was doing in the industry, following my journey and writing about my experiences and anything I have learnt along the way. Ironically, the more work I have to do which gives me things to post about, the less time I have to blog! When it comes down to it, deadlines are deadlines and you will do everything you can to stick to them. Unfortunately that means for me that my blog becomes neglected because there’s no sense of urgency to it like there is with freelance work or your day job. There is no one telling you something needs to be done, no one reminding you how long until deadline day and no looming reality that if you don’t write, there will be consequences.

So when it comes down to a choice, what do I do with my evening? Freelance work will always take priority and my little blog won’t. Which is why, on an evening off babysitting when I am trying not to think about work, I’ve taken to blogging to occupy my time. Luckily for me, there are a few things which motivate me to carry on blogging.

  • I include my blog on a lot of things – email signature, CV, cover letters, and if someone comes onto it and sees the last post was six months ago, it’s not very impressive and probably would be better to not include it at all
  • Posting once a year on a blog is one of my pet hates. I like reading other people’s blogs and when I go on and see that the last post was in 2012 and yet it’s still in their Twitter bio, it annoys me
  • I promised myself when I started that I’d carry on blogging even when I started my career. Magazine editors have their own blogs, albeit they don’t post as often as regular bloggers, but if they have the time, I can hardly complain?
  • It teaches me things – I’ve learnt a lot about design, CMS and WordPress tricks just because of this
  • It challenges my creativity – I mean how long can you actually blog about journalism for without repeating yourself? truth be told I probably have repeated myself, but sometimes I have to really think about what I can write. It helps me reflect of what I’ve learnt and how far I have progressed in my career from being a student until now
  • My brand-spanking-new fancy MacBook Pro. Yes, funnily enough spending the majority of my wages this month on a new laptop to save any more features from being lost has made me want to write more. It doesn’t freeze every time I open more than one tab, it’s fast, pretty, and my new favourite toy!
MacBook motivation to carry on blogging.

MacBook motivation to carry on blogging.

So freelance writing wins but (hopefully) the blog will carry on surviving.

P.s there’s a social life to fit in there too…


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