Blogging in May.

I didn’t do a round up of my blogs in April, mostly because I was away for a large chunk of it on some annual leave to Cambodia and Thailand… which was looooovely. I think these posts make me reflect on what I’ve written too, because sometimes the realisation that I haven’t blogged in a while causes me to type up a post quickly to get it published… rather than really reflecting on what I’m writing.

Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 15.29.12

The most notable theme of my posts for the past month is probably that I’ve been doing a lot more work – taking on new things, working on the weekend, and (hopefully!) gaining more experience. There have been times I’ve just wanted to get home and not worry about extra work, but the days I give myself ‘off’ I get bored and end up reaching for my laptop anyway… what a workaholic!

Weekend work...

Weekend work…

I have been doing more telephone interviews recently and slowly feeling less daunted by the whole situation, because when you’re working to a deadline it’s hard to be faffing around! Read my post, here: Telephone interviews.


I have also reflected on my own job and written a few posts which take into account things that happen to me on a daily basis:

3 unexpected parts of the job

Reader-generated content 

Creating visuals for words

My book review on Sharon Wheeler’s Feature Writing for Journalists went down well, and I found it a really useful read. It even got some recognition from the editor on Twitter…

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 14.08.23


And finally, another for the bank on work experience. Stand out from the crowd and take on a couple of these tips…

Work experience… stand out



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