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Weekend work for writers.

If you like writing, and you do it a lot, it’s unlikely you’ll get away with NOT working on a weekend. Freelance journalists might be able to manage their time more effectively than, say, ME for example… but when writing is your life, it’s hard to restrict it to the stereotypical working hours of 9-5.


Although I work full time doing editorial duties as an editorial assistant/sub editor, it doesn’t stop at 5.30pm on a weekday. I enjoy writing and the more experience you get whilst you’re starting out, the better your work will become. I therefore took on some freelance work for my local magazine, and have taken to writing to online publications when I am able to, as well as feature work. Obviously still wanting a social life, there is a time you need to make the most of the work you’ve got and stop looking for more!

With that said, weekends aren’t just weekends, and I can imagine full-time freelancers feel like this too. With modern day smartphones pinging emails to our phones the second they are sent, it’s hard to ignore and even if you try to, the niggly feeling of it in the back of your head is plain irritating. This post has arisen from a long weekend of, well, work. Not all work. But I laid on my bed on bank holiday Monday at 10pm for my weekly dosage of Made in Chelsea and thought to myself, if I did NO extra work outside of my day job, I would’ve had a lot of spare time this weekend. Time management is incredibly important, making sure it’s not all last minute, you do have time to socialise, and you don’t take on more than you can handle.

But I love doing it. Myself and a fellow journo friend spent seven hours on Sunday doing work. Of course, being in lovely Brighton, eating cake, brewing ‘Birthday Cake’ flavoured tea and chatting was involved, but the basis of it was working. By 9pm we were pretty knackered, proud of our work, and even more determined to carry on.

Bank holiday Monday work!

Bank holiday Monday work!

Yesterday, on bank holiday Monday, the voice in my head was telling me I had to sit down and crack on with the July issue of the local magazine I freelance for. Of course things got in the way and at 4pm I was sitting outside in a bar having a drink with my family having not done anything. By 5pm I was at home, room tided, sat at my desk, with my flat plan in front of me tackling the magazine for the next three hours.

Maybe I am a bit of a workaholic. I get bored easily, sometimes moan about being too busy, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!


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