Being busy motivates me.

Snapshot of Cambodia.

Snapshot of Cambodia.

Do you ever get the feeling after a holiday, when you fall back into reality straight away that you felt like you never went away? I was away in South-east Asia for just over two weeks, and fell back into the ‘travelling’ mode quite quickly – moving around, staying in hostels, night buses, culture differences and of course enjoying how CHEAP everything was. Last time I went away, it was a four month, round-the-world trip, and I didn’t have a job to come back to. I eased back into reality quite slowly. This time, I arrived back in Heathrow at 7.30pm on a Sunday night, and was up 12 hours later to get ready for work. I hadn’t unpacked. My room was a state. I couldn’t even find my bag and purse in the morning! But lo and behold, there I was at 9am watching ‘139 incoming emails’ enter my inbox.

It’s safe to say that now it’s Tuesday and things are a little less hectic. I don’t think my body clock is completely back in sync, but I very much feel back in the swing of things, and of course busy (as usual).


I missed writing while I was away! Usually, every day and every evening I have access to a computer or laptop to tap away my ramblings on my blog, reply to emails about features or write up any freelance work. Suddenly not being able to just do that when you want is quite strange.

We had wifi on holiday, but it’s just not the same on your phone. I even came across a lifestyle Cambodian magazine written in English which I loved and started thinking about what I could write about my trip to Cambodia. Does my brain every stop thinking about all this? Rarely!

But now I’m back and I have some new writing projects that I’m excited to get started on. Myself and a fellow freelance journalist (who, is very much like me) are putting our heads together in the coming months, and I’m looking forward to writing more, gaining more experience, and probably having not much of a social life… ha! Being busy motivates me. Having deadlines, a little bit of stress, and growing to-do lists just never feels like too much. I’m sure I might not be saying this in a couple of weeks… but aim high and all that!


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