Day off diary

Taking a break from work…

Tomorrow I’m off on holiday for over two weeks! I will be taking a trip to Thailand and Cambodia, and soaking up the sun, with a small backpack and my sister.
It was very satisfying that today I approved all layouts for the June issue of the local magazine I write for (yes, June – going on holiday meant I had to work a month in advance to get it out of the way!). My full-time job also saw the magazine being sent to press today, and the content for the next issue is slowly trickling in so there is no last-minute panic when I come back (just lots of emails I expect!). So I feel like it is well and truly the right time for me to be jetting off into the sun…

It’s unlikely I’ll be blogging whilst I’m away. I really can’t stand those internet cafes which overcharge and have the slowest computers, but I’m sure I’ll have a lot to report on when I’m back. I’ll shove it all in the ‘Day-off diary’ up there in the right-hand corner, with lots of pictures too!

I am now in holiday-mode and need to switch off. Out of office reply is set and I just have a couple of hours in the office tomorrow morning before our night flight… yay.
Angkor Wat before sunset, Cambodia.

Angkor Wat before sunset, Cambodia.



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