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Holiday time = deadlines.

I’m pretty chuffed with myself that I’m off on holiday next week! April isn’t the most obvious time to jet off so it’s a change to the daily routine, and hopefully I’ll be tanning whilst the rest of England are heading out in coats and hats… soz.

Angkor Wat before sunset, Cambodia.

Angkor Wat before sunset, Cambodia.

Taking advantage of the two bank holidays over Easter, I am heading to South-east Asia for 17 days. My sister and I are spending time in Bangkok before heading over to Cambodia to travel around there for a couple of weeks. I travelled to Thailand last year, but never got to visit Cambodia. I’m really excited to go back to Thailand and have my favourite Pad Thai street food, but also to discover somewhere new! If you’ve noticed the new ‘Day off diary’ tab on the top right hand corner, well done. You’ll be hearing about my travels in there when I get back.
Deadline, deadline, deadline

Deadline, deadline, deadline

But what comes with an over-two-week holiday? Deadlines. Lots of lovely deadlines. With the community magazine I write for having a deadline every month, I have tried to be ridiculously organised since January to get ahead of myself. So knowing that the deadline for our June issues is the day I get back from holiday, I have been squeezing everything in very early. Yes I know it’s only just April but tell me what you’re doing in June… doesn’t always work well! I’m asking community groups about their summer plans and putting a summer context into my writing, so that come May when the magazine is delivered, it’s summer time! So today the June issue has been finished with a last minute article being added, and I can finally start my holiday shopping list.
photo 1
My full-time job is a quarterly magazine so there is less pressure with deadlines! But with a small in-house editorial team and having a lot of responsibility for certain jobs, it was still necessary to make sure everything for our summer issue was finalised before I went away. Luckily, the magazine is sent to press on the Wednesday and I fly on Thursday evening… works out pretty perfectly! I have started the content and research for the next issue of the magazine and our annual fundraising guide to make sure there is no rush when I’m back.
Grand Palance, Bangkok, Thailand

Grand Palance, Bangkok, Thailand

So now work is out the way… holiday shopping list commences!




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