Musings from March.

Breakthrough this month? Reading. I decided to explore journalism resource books. I even did my first book review on Writing for Magazines by Catriona Ross. I really like the book, not only because it’s visual, uses stars as bullet points (shallow), but it provides practical advice that isn’t waffly and vague.


I wrote a lovely article about Friends of Chernobyl’s Children in Mid Sussex, and found that it generated response for the charity on the first day! I felt like my writing really had a purpose.

The article on the left, for FOCC Mid Sussex.

The article on the left, for FOCC Mid Sussex.

Some practical advice…

Subbing isn’t just words

Cover letters – excellent examples!


Annette wrote about the lessons learned in journalism and blogging since writing from Jump for Journalism. I look forward to her next guest post!

I also, for some strange reason, decided to write that I was a bit crap at SEO (surely I shouldn’t be saying this for future prospective employers looking?), however my skills were underrated as I had a comment from a lovely aspiring journalist saying she found the blog really easily!


I started something new, too! The day-off diary. Sometimes I do things on the weekend, get snap happy on my iPhone, and want to share what I’ve done and where I’ve been. It’s not often I’ll be boring you with the things I get up to on my day off.. but once in a while! My first entry was a gorgeous little tea room I found in Handcross in Sussex.


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