Writing skills

I’m not very good at SEO.

Now that’s not a very well-written, SEO title is it?

I understand the gist of it. I GET what it is. I’m just not very good at it.


Perhaps that’s just the nature of blogging as a tool to keep you writing. That’s one of the main reasons I carry it on, and it’s maybe a downfall of my blog that I am writing for myself, as well as for an audience. SEO is very much tied in with gauging your audience, using words they will search on Google to come and find you. But when I’m writing, I’m not really thinking about that.

A lot of entry-level journalism jobs want you to have knowledge of and, at least some experience of, SEO. This is because of the increasing use of web-based journalism, with websites accompanying the majority of print publications. I’ve always had my heart set on the print magazine industry, so my desire to write a headline with all the key words has never been enthusiastic. And yet increasingly, working full-time on a print publication, it becomes clear how useful it is to use SEO! Putting up features on our website require short and long descriptions with SEO qualities, as well as keyword tags and short titles.

Returning back to my blog after a week at work, I am slowly realising how little I pay attention to the SEO side of things. I enjoy my blog. It gives me a space to write, but I also do want to reach an audience of aspiring journalists who are interested to read about the interviews I have completed with successful journalist, or freelancing tips form those who have done well themselves. After my chat with Sue Greenwood on blogging tips, she made me more aware that when writing online, there will always be some sort of audience in mind. If you want them to find you, use words to help!

I’m really not that great at SEO, but I’m working on it!


2 thoughts on “I’m not very good at SEO.

  1. You must be doing something right with SEO because I found you, and so glad I did! Your posts have been very helpful to me – particularly with cover letters. Glad to hear about positive career story.

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