Blogging in February.

This round-up post is slightly late… but better late than never! This month I focused a lot of my attention on redesigning my blog. There weren’t a lot of major changes, but slight changes that will perhaps drive more traffic to the site, and help with navigation. I spoke to Sue Greenwood – a journalism lecturer who specialises in web-based journalism, who did an interview for the blog (see below) and spoke to my about my blog and ways I could improve it. Her advice was invaluable and I took a lot on board – mainly through menus, headers, widgets and hyperlinks! Hence why there is a picture of me to the right, to show everyone who I am…


My posts about blogging redesigns and web-based journalism:

Expert tips on blogging and web-based journalism

Time for a change

As well as some mandatory, ‘writing inspiration’ posts:

Being a community journalist

“Good writing is all about choosing the right words

To write you have to read

Cover letters… the basics

Journalism and the web



Claudia Canavan – online editorial assistant at Esquire

Sarah Kwong – former Cosmpolitan intern and features writer

Claire Matthiae features director at Glamour

Jennifer Kennedy freelance journalist

Sian Lewis – journalist and blogger


Annette’s posts:

Having coffee at Company HQ

CONTRIBUTE: expand your experience

and finally…

Be careful what you tweet!

Social Media Logotype Background


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