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Having coffee at Company HQ? Yes please!

By Annette Stevens.

Last week, I was lucky enough to meet Lena De Casparis (features director for Company magazine), and I thought I’d write up about my visit to Company’s HQ.


On Broadwick Street, there are so many magazine headquarters, and Hearst seemed to have based itself on the whole road. There was Cosmopolitan, ELLE, and Company (I think I’ve found were I want to work in the future!). The street was glossy, with a red-tinted building. I could see the journalists busy at their computers… yes, this is definitely where I want to work in the future! After telling the lovely man at the desk I was here to see Lena De Casparis, I went and waited over at the elevators. This was a golden opportunity to see a lobby of a magazine publishing house on a working basis: stereotypically, there were a lot of men, swanning about in glamorous suits.


Lena came down quickly, followed by my favourite Company writer, Gem Royston-Claire. I was delighted to see them both, but quite shy too! Both of them were so lovely though; they gave me great advice, and we even chatted about a past Company intern (and past contributor to this blog) Natasha Slee. Gem said they “mourn her loss”-must have been a great intern!

Natasha won the Company Academy, and had her work published in the journalist category.

Natasha won the Company Academy, and had her work published in the journalist category.

Lena gave some fantastic advice that I’m sure many will benefit from:

  • When pitching your ideas for publication, assign them to the specific sections of the magazine: Company has the “fashion five” section for example.
  • Quote statistics! This will back up your research; a Company favorite is Buzzfeed.
  • Keep in contact. You never may know who will like/love/want to publish your pitch…this is also the key to keeping contacts, and networking within the industry.

Although I held the latest issue of Company whilst we were talking, but Lena had bought me down a copy, which was really nice, so thank you!

What a great day!

What a great day!

 Thank you so much to Lena and Gem, meeting you was a privilege, and I will be sure to keep in touch.




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