CONTRIBUTE: expand your experience

By Annette Stevens

Remember those ‘Contribute‘ posts on the blog? Well after doing a little (quite a lot) of research, I found quite a few online magazines and websites that are always looking for contributions, so I thought it’d be something great to share.

Not strictly a conventional contribution site for publishing I know, however Amazine allows you to curate your own magazine online. You can sign up with your email, or even social network sites; from there, you can publish your stories, add photos, and clip other people’s stories. Let us know if you begin a magazine!

Atelier Indigo Magazine:

As it says so on its website “Atelier Indigo Magazine is an online fashion magazine for style daydreamers and realists. This vagabond-style magazine allocates an emphasis on the aesthetic splendor and wonder of the realm of fashion.” If you love fashion, and wish to contribute to this online publication, tweet @atelier_indigo, or visit their website:

Kettle Magazine:

Kettle magazine is a student online magazine, with subjects ranging from music, travel, media, to culture and current affairs. Sound appealing? Their Twitter handle is @KettleMag and the official website is To contact the editorial team, email

The Debut Magazine:

A career magazine for women, The Debut Magazine describes itself as “The UK’s first career & lifestyle online magazine for women in the media and creative industries”. Subjects range from careers, entertainment and style, however the brand rotates round career advancement of women in general, and is quite suited to media workers (calling all journalists!). Visit, and that all too vital Twitter contact is @TheDebutMag.

I first heard about this site on a comment forum; please excuse the subject matter, I have a personal love for fashion. Subjects range from lifestyle, to beauty, to fashion and handbags. Your name will go onto the official contribution page, and you have some opportunity to earn money. Rules for writing posts are as follows: articles should not be less than 300 words, cannot be plagiarised, and images should contain a source where they were taken.

SLiNK Magazine:

(See our interview with the editor here) SLiNK magazine is a style publication for plus size women. It’s an independent magazine, and run by co-founder and Editor in chief, Rivike Baum. Subjects range from beauty to lifestyle. Unlike most of the websites mentioned here, SLiNK is an online and print product, which you can read via subscription. Currently, SLiNK is on the lookout for new writers for the site.  If you want to contribute, email with your ideas and CV; their Twitter account is @SLiNKmagazine, and their website is

99% Campaign Blog:

For aspiring journalists 12-35, the 99% Campaign Blog is a website for those wishing to express their opinion about teenage representation in the media. You can contribute blog posts (500 words), photos, and videos; yearly, the campaign also has a print magazine which you can also contribute too. For more information, go to

Exposure Magazine:

Exposure is print and online, and has around 20,000 readers per issue. Published quarterly, subjects range from life to culture. To find out more, go to




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