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To write you have to read.

I don’t read enough. Simply said, I should read more, and I always tell myself to read more, but I don’t. I have splurges of reading – when I was travelling I would read a book in a day on the beach (but how often in the real world do we get to sit on a beach all day with nothing to do but sunbathe and read…?). I read countless books on my four months away, anywhere I could, and vowed to myself that when I came home, I would continue to read just as much. I didn’t.

I do read online articles and magazines more, but still not enough, especially considering this is the area I want to fulfill my career in! I was told throughout school that I should read more to widen my vocabulary, and imagination and yet I still struggle to keep it up. I did a minor in Creative Writing at university, and having a portfolio of 10,000 words to complete at the end of each year, I was constantly asked ‘What have you been reading?’, ‘Who has inspired you lately?’, and I found it hard to give a substantial reply. My love of writing has always been more magazines than novels, but I have enjoyed any sort of writing.  I have been telling myself recently “I want to write more!”, and yet what’s the point in writing more if I’m not reading more?

This quote from Stephen King sums up my current thoughts pretty well…

7ACI0OPU4A58N_18BVUGM_IL_L_LSSo I’m trying to stick by it. Currently I am reading Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl… it’s about a girl called Amy who’s a writer… coincidence? I’m enjoying reading again and I always get that feeling of wanting to write just after I’ve read because I am feeling inspired!


Whilst I’m online, my usual go to website is Your Coffee Break, probably because of the great career-focused articles, a recent favourite:

This weekend, I also picked up Sussex Life magazine, I love the design of this local magazine in our area. Their advertorials give great insight to local businesses, cafes, and shops you might want to venture out to!

So here’s hoping I’m not just on one of those splurges of reading, and I’ll actually keep it up! x


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