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Be careful what you tweet!

Sometimes, if you are really frustrated at life/people/things in general, you take to Twitter to vent. Whether it’s how pissed off you are at a bus company, getting agitated about work, being so hungover you can’t move to get a glass of water, or ranting about your boss. Although it seems to relieve some frustration at the time – limited – it’s probably not the best idea. In November 2013, HR Magazine released statistics, which said.

“82% of employers have looked up potential candidates on social media sites.”

and even worse…

“64% admitted rejecting someone based on their profile.”

The survey found 88% of recruiters used LinkedIn for candidate recruitment, 25% Facebook and 8% Twitter – they believed that it gave them an insight to whether a candidate was suitable for the job. These results from from 7,000 recruitment companies, HR managers and recruiters… and I think it’s a bit of an eye-opener. An old-fashioned Google of someones name has be known to be used, but now social media is so vast and we tend to put every day and menial life choices on there, these can also be seen too.


LinkedIn is a professional network, and much like an online CV that can be searched and viewed – anything written on there should be directly linked to your jobs, career and experience. Facebook is easy to make private, and unlike Twitter, it is rarely used for networking or job opportunities. Have a look at the privacy settings on your Facebook and who can see what, and don’t make your profile picture one of you chugging a bottle of wine. Twitter, I think, can be beneficial to show that you are active on it, it’s great for networking as a journalist and getting involved in topical conversations is viewed highly. Making your tweets private is rare, and means that others can’t retweet… so show you’ve got a voice online, but make it one that you wouldn’t mind your employer reading! Vent to your friend, not your social media profiles.


Read the full article here:


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