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News academy to train teens.

If you’re a teen desperate to break into the big wide world of journalism, KEEP READING.


News UK has recently launched the News Academy, a brand-new initiative which aims to find and train teenagers who are keen to develop their skills into journalists. New UK’S chief executive, Mike Darcey, called on 16-18 year-olds who were interested in a journalism career to sign up to the News Academy. He said:

“The way people consume news may change, but it will always be our job to provide high quality news, entertainment, comment and opinion and to challenge the world around us to equip our readers to make informed decisions in their lives. Through the News Academy, we hope to help and inspire the newsmakers of tomorrow to continue fulfilling this vital role.”

Staff members of this new academy will be looking for potential students by holding conferences in London, Manchester, Cardiff, Glasgow, and Dublin. They will also be sending out professional journalists to schools and colleges throughout the UK and Ireland to share their stories.

For events, information, resources and competitions, visit

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