January’s blog posts.

This month, I decided I want to write more. My favourite post is probably I like writing, so why not write some more?”. I wanted to be more creative in my writing and do more writing outside of work, to build up my portfolio. After all, the only way to improve your writing is to do it more!


January has felt like the longest month ever, it doesn’t feel like Christmas was only four weeks ago, and I’m fully back into the swing of work and everything else that goes with it! I hope February doesn’t drag as much as January has…

My 2013 in review blog post also went live, to show my stats and comments throughout the year. I’m hoping by 2014 it will top those stats!

I quite like doing this monthly post, as it makes me reflect on everything that I have written and posted, as well as surprising me that I am managing to keep my blog going along with everything else, life, etc… So here they are:

My experiences:

You have to sit down to write

Time to buy a mac?

Inspiration for articles, on the bus.


Show your skills and be flexible in journalism

Mistakes on my CV

5 big NO NOs when applying for work experience

ITV opportunity

Marie Claire’s editor gives her tips


Rivkie Baum, editor of SliNK Magazine

Local magazine editor, Rosamond Hutt

Switch from journalism to books

Sarah Webb, author

Annette’s posts:

Perfect punctuation… or not!

Tips from the top



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