General Journalism / Journalism skills

Show your skills and be flexible in journalism.

Journalism isn’t just about writing anymore.


It is in a way, your main role is writing, but if you apply for a entry-level job you won’t only be writing. Learning new skills and setting yourself apart will make you stand out in job applications, and stand out in your job as well by utilising other skills you have in that environment. Two major skills beneficial in journalism are WEB and SOCIAL MEDIA. Applying for any entry-level role now will guarantee that you will be active on their social media, know about different types, use it yourself, as well as having an understanding of content management systems to know how to upload web stories, SEO and even sometimes, HTML (yuck).

At my day job, I am active on Facebook and set up a Pinterest account, reading how you can use it for businesses. I upload content to our website, had a few run-ins with HTML trying to make my image display in the centre of the article, and use SEO in titles, sub heads and keywords. I’ve learnt how to upload documents to our website, convert our newsletter into a PDF and update it onto our website, as well as getting to grips with the basic use of InDesign.

Anything additional to demonstrating your writing skills on a job application will only ever go in your favour  – the fact that you have a blog which includes getting to grips with WordPress, publicising your posts online, SEO, uploading content will always look good on your CV (as long as it isn’t updated once every 7 months).

What can you do?

  • InDesign
  • HTML coding
  • Content management systems
  • Photoshop
  • Social media

?? If you can, make it known. You won’t be designing layouts for features, but if you’re fact checking or subbing and cutting copy to fit, knowledge of InDesign will always be useful. Knowing more than you need to can only be a positive, and might be just what you need when the web editor isn’t there to upload content! I love writing, but I have even considered putting myself on a short and basic design course in the future, because you can never know too much about the industry you’re working in!


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