Inspiration and Editors / Work Experience

Tips from the top.

By Annette Stevens.

This week I was planning a post about revision (and a rant) about punctuation. However, I found this link instead (click here to see it) and I thought it would be more fitting this week.


Theresa Caney

Follow her at @Theresa_Caney

Theresa Caney is the web editor for At university, she studied visual arts and English, as well as taking an art and design foundation course.

Her advice?

 “Even when jobs seem menial, do them to the best of your ability, and stick with it. We never remember the interns who left after two days as they thought they would be doing more exciting jobs, but the ones who do stick it out and make a big effort are rewarded with going on shoots and sticking in our memories.”

Why is this helpful?

  • If you make an effort whilst on an internship and stick at all your tasks, it should be worthwhile. Theresa is experienced in this aspect, so it’s worth taking note.
  • Keep in contact – you could just get yourself a job there one day.

Oonagh Brennan

Currently the associate fashion editor, Oonagh started “temping” straight out of university.

Her advice?

“No matter how menial the task, do it with dedication, put the hours in and go above and beyond what’s asked of you. This is no 9-5.”

Why is this helpful?

  • Using this as a mantra, if you stick to it, for example whilst on a job, you will be viewed better in the office!
  • It might stand you in for a promotion.
  • It shows your potential.
download (1)

Lena De Casparis

Lena is the features editor at Company (one to watch if you want to freelance). With a BA in politics (yes, and she works at a fashion magazine), Lena also worked for Red Pepper magazine and you can watch her tips in Company’s features meeting video (YouTube it!).

Her advice?

“Want my advice? Make your experience count. We see tons of workies (12 a year on the features desk to be precise). In my time here I remember about 5 and that’s because they went above and beyond – they still email me and offer help. But they all have jobs now – some with my help! If you’re going to work for free for a month there’s no point being average, you’ll go unnoticed and may have well stayed in bed.”

Why is this helpful?

  • It is advice that’s meant to help you keep your contacts maintained.

I hope you have enjoyed flicking through people’s advice from Company!




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