Write a little more, time to buy a mac?

I have written my first article for the new online publication I am contributing to, and it was really nice to write about something relevant to me that I have experienced, and have a choice about what I was writing. I am now working on some pitch ideas for the next couple of weeks, so that nothing gets on top of me. The problem is, I spend my day at work on a lovely, wonderful, big mac computer which is super fast, never freezes on me and ultimately I just want to take home.

Because when I DO get home, ready to settle down to do some much-needed writing, trying to reach deadline, I have this:


The frequent crashing, screen freezing, Microsoft Word ‘not responding’ for about five times in a row, and genuinely slow-running laptop. Given the amount of work that is stored on this laptop that I need, and all the writing I do, you would think that the device I am working on should probably be reliable. I’ve had this laptop for over three years no, so is it time to splash out on a macbook? Perhaps…


One thought on “Write a little more, time to buy a mac?

  1. Three years is a long time to have any laptop. It is time to get a new one (especially with that damage) it’s unnecessary to get a mac for writing, it’s an awful lot of cost for very little gain.
    Hardware wise, you’re better off getting a fairly nice laptop, Macbook style specs will come in the region of £500 or so. If you would prefer to have Mac software, there are ways to install OSX onto non-apple machines all over the internet

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