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My inspiration for articles… even on the bus.

I’m excited about the prospect of starting to write more creatively. That’s not to say I haven’t been writing, but as I mentioned in my last post, I want to write more! With the new online publication I will be writing for, they are looking for a regular lifestyle writer. Lifestyle being anything from home interiors, to health, travel, every-day life, working day, culture, fitness, etc. This has always been a topic I was drawn to when writing during university for online publications. When I was doing my portfolio for my NCTJ, I was contributing to the lifestyle sections of Yuppee and other online magazines. I don’t feel I know enough about fashion and beauty to write an article available to such a vast amount of people but with lifestyle, well the opportunities of creative freedom are so vast that there really is so much to write about.

It’s been a while since I have had the creative freedom to think of what articles I will pitch to the section editor of the magazine. Lifestyle really can be anything, and I don’t want to be inspired by what I read online because it will only end up feeling like I have nabbed their idea and regurgitated it in my own words.

So I took the topic of ‘lifestyle’ down to my every day life. What happens to me on a daily basis that can create witty or interesting articles for others to read? This is by no means a duplicate of my pitch, but an example that anything that happens to a journalist, can inspire an article.

images (3)

I have to get the bus to work. Article ideas: Why public transport makes us scream inside, why does it feel socially unacceptable to talk to strangers on a bus, how to half the time it takes you to get ready in the mornings (because you have a bus to catch!)

I had to refuse to take my purse out at lunch. Article ideas: How can some people resist the temptation to spend when others can’t, why the January sales make us spend more money than we think, taking a lunch break spends my cash

I came in from work and did some freelance work and a fitness video. Article ideas: how to motivate yourself after a 9-5, how to keep fit without going out in the cold, why workaholics need to learn to take a break

They might not been the most original ideas, but when writing for an online audience, it’s obvious that so many topics have been covered on the internet. Sometimes you need to take inspiration from your own day-t0-day life to create new ideas for writing… even when taking the bus! I must say though, when a stranger on the bus asked me how my day was, I didn’t think I’d end up using this as inspiration for an article on this post!


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