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I like writing, so why not write some more?


I like being busy. I have always worked part-time jobs whilst I was studying, always got my work done on time, had a social life, and tried to find ‘extra’ things to do to keep me busy. When you’re studying, it doesn’t stop when you get home, especially at university. You have contact hours, and non-contact hours where you should be revising, writing essays, reading, and feeling guilty if you weren’t doing those things. Working a 9-5 though, I’ve found it strange to come home and have nothing to do… I’ve only been out of education for a year (actually not even that, nearly a year!) and I can’t complain that I really can come in and do nothing and not really feel guilty.

The downside to this is that I’ve got myself awkwardly addicted in Hollyoaks every evening at 6.30pm.

That aside, I have made myself busy with freelancing for a local magazine, and writing my blog. I do enjoy coming home to an evening of writing, because I don’t feel pressure and I’m doing it because I’ve chosen to. With my blog I don’t really have deadlines so there is less pressure. But even though sometimes I feel like I am too busy, I decided today I want to write more. I read online lifestyle magazines (Your Coffee Break is a personal favourite) and see the creative style of writing features and having a friendly tone. With my full-time job, although I enjoy it, there is less scope for writing creatively through features as I am currently the editorial assistant and sub-editor. I completely accept that, and feel privileged to be able to work on the magazine. With my freelance work, it is more news-based and although I have had control over some features being more ‘magazine-y’, it is about informing the public of local news and events.

I saw the above quote recently, and, being a lover of these cliché quotes, I obviously took it to heart. My writing can only get better if I write some more and even though this will most likely be for free, I feel like it will only benefit me in the long run. I spent my evening pitching to online magazines that interest me for contributions and freelance work… I will keep you updated on how that turns out. I’m sure I will soon regret this odd urge to make myself busier than I already am…

3 thoughts on “I like writing, so why not write some more?

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