CV / Subbing and editing

Mistakes on my CV.

After writing my OSD post, I made it pretty clear that even when reading a note stuck on the back of a toilet door, I will still be analysing and checking the grammar, embarrassingly. I just can’t help it.

I assumed that I had always been like this, but it’s not until I looked back at my CV recently, for the first time since becoming a sub-editor, I realised I hadn’t. People kept telling me to check my CV, check mistakes a thousand times. I even would give advice to do the same for other people. I knew 110% that mistakes on my CV could be the difference between getting an interview, and having it chucked in the bin. And yet I still wasn’t thorough enough.

I found the awful american spellings including ‘realize’, not ‘realise’ – highly disappointing for me. I found complete inconsistencies – a colon at the end of one job title and not the other. I also found different font types at one point – WHY? I know now that it is working on a publication that is being sent out nationally, makes you ridiculously pinnikity about every single comma, capital letter and use of punctuation. I have looked back at my CV embarrassed that this was the one document that was meant to show off my skills, and yet it was probably not even given a second look.

My advice? Get everyone to look at your CV that you can, to try and spot an area. You are likely to be so familiar with it that you will brush past little errors. You have written it and probably spent a long time trying to make yourself sound fabulous, that you can’t even bare to look at it again. If there are CV workshops, go to them. If there are people willing to look at it, let them! Don’t let silly spelling mistakes ruin any chances.


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