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You have to sit down to write.

As 98% of the rest of the population in England, my New Year’s resolution was to do more exercise. I know full well it won’t last for the ‘year’, and to be honest, I think I will be pretty chuffed if I keep it up the whole of January but, the thoughts there. If I think about my working day from Monday to Friday – I get up, get dressed, get into the car, get out the car, sit down, occasionally get up to make coffee, sometimes go outside for a lunch break, go home in the car… etc, etc. There is no exercise involved in a 9-5 office job. That’s quite obvious, but I have only been in this type of job for around 5 months. My previous working life has been working in busy bars and restaurants, rushing around, on my feet for shifts up to 12 hours and rarely getting a full hour to sit down for a break. Fast forward a year or so and I rarely get an hour to walk around!


The problem with my lack of exercise is the industry. You have to sit down to write. When you’re in hospitality, you have to walk around to do your job. In an editorial career, you do very much the opposite. When I come home from work and have blogging to do or articles to write, I come in from eight hours of sitting in a chair, to another couple of hours sitting on my bed doing the same thing.

The trouble with keeping myself fit, is that for the majority of my day and even the evenings when I am trying to be productive, no exercise really gets done. I make a conscious effort to go for a break sometimes at work just to be able to walk around, when others naturally do this as part of their working day. I figured the only way to get some exercise into my routine is to make a real effort to do so – can I really be bothered with the 9am parkrun on a Saturday? And do I want to be going for a run when it is pitch black and freezing cold? Coming home, doing some writing and cracking out Davina’s latest workout DVD at 9pm will have to do…

Not that I should be complaining really, there’s just something about the feeling of getting into bed, with a scented candle on, a cup of tea, the TV on, my laptop on my lap and settling down to do some writing for the evening!

Blogging in bed. Laaavly.

Blogging in bed.



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