Blogging / Freelancing

Language is everything.

By Annette Stevens.

In the business of writing, language is everything – it’s a greeting, it’s a form, a structure, something unique to an individual. In journalism, the correct language in any sort of situation has to be fine-tuned to the appropriate setting.

This was my revelation.

As a blogger/writer/journalist, I am always looking for new projects within the field of lifestyle and fashion. In essence, Twitter is a very useful tool – a promotional one for a blog, or a quick search for jobs. Scrolling through the newsfeed recently, I saw a vacancy for a blogger. Perfect! I asked for an email brief… The whole thing was a review system, where the assigned blogger blogged up to three times a week for a fashion brand, highlighting the good products on offer. It sounded ideal.

When I got the brief (from someone a lot older), I wasn’t particularly thrilled when it was addressed in greeting to “Hi Hun”. Then the email continued, with a lot of emphasis on words such as “Awesome” and there was no varying punctuation – every sentence ended in! Despite the appeal of the programme, the impression made wasn’t good. I bowed out, due to the language, as well as my time management. So what did I learn from this? Seeing a piece, similar to this, over at Wannabe Hacks, I devised some tips:

Address to the right person:

Before you email, make sure the person you are emailing is appropriate to the subject. Wanting to pitch article ideas? The editor is not always the right person to email. And take note of the email name – does it sound female? Address it to a female. Sexist greetings such as “Dear Sir” don’t go down well….

Keep the piece direct:

There is a chance to send in a CV- as an email attachment. It isn’t always advisable to entwine it with an email. Keep the email direct-that way, it will get to the point, and you can get some results.

Structure is important. And language.

Please make your email appropriate and well structured- paragraphs, punctuation, spelling, and appropriate language are a must. Is it your boss you’re emailing? Slang is a no go.  Fellow Blogger? Slang will probably be alright, but keep to the point.

Email signatures should reflect you. Put in your blog link, name, and profession.

I’ll be posting again in January – until then! I hope you had a merry Christmas and have a happy new year!




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