Motivation motivation motivation

Sometimes I just have no motivation. The hours spent from when I have come in from work, until I get into bed – approximately five hours – are wasted. I feel I can justify laying on my bed with the TV on and my iPad out, doing nothing productive, by the fact I have spent all day at work. Although let’s be honest, so has everyone else. When I talk of being ‘productive’ outside of work, I mean blogging and writing. I make up excuses as to why I can’t ‘My room is a mess’, ‘I’m tired’, ‘I did enough looking at a screen today’, but really, it’s a lack of motivation.

What motivates me? Having my Yankee candle on! I’m not even a romantic, I just like smelly candles. My Yankee candle has lasted nearly a whole year after receiving it last Christmas. I have tried desperately to make it last as I simply don’t think I can justify spending over £20 on a candle… although it is pretty good. Pound shop candles just don’t make the cut, and don’t smell good either. When I’m writing, my candle is lit – maybe it’s a psychological thing that it’s relaxing, and when I’m relaxed and happy I like to write?

I’m a big fan of quotes – yes the cheesy, ‘inspirational’ kind that are usually quite cliche and stereotypical, but still have that small feeling of ‘This is so very, true’.


I do like to write, and I love to have written but I think the above quotes captures just how I am feeling when I know I need to blog, and yet I really cannot be bothered…!

0784ce358159d7304012a6f44a184e60I guess I should get back to doing some work…


2 thoughts on “Motivation motivation motivation

  1. Writing about not wanting to write is always a great place to start getting those creative juices flowing. Love this 🙂

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