A month of blogging: NOVEMBER

I am a bit delayed on my monthly round-up post from November on the blog. I think Christmas has slightly got away with me, and I am enjoying the festive songs, decorations going up and everyone’s slight panic at buying presents (when I have nearly finished my shopping!). After going through the November posts, I was quite proud at how many there were! I decided, after my post on #BEDN (see below), and chatting with a fellow journalist friend, that I didn’t blog enough about my own experiences. I posted a lot of ‘advice’ posts, but not really about what I was doing, or reflecting on my own work. I wanted to develop my own writing style, aside from the publications that I write for!

November, my birthday month!

November, my birthday month!

My favourite post this month was the INTERVIEW: Editor of Company which was by Annette. I have said it before, but reading how these successful journalists made it in the industry, starting at the bottom like all of us.

And here are the posts from my own experiences this month:

Another part of this blog, is discussing the experiences of other journalists and listening to their own advice. As well as my own experiences, I often post advice too, from what I have learnt.

Annette’s post in November:


Local guardian

Telegraph editorial scheme

Daily Mail editorial scheme


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