Demise of my dictaphone

By Annette Stevens
Most journalists have some (often expensive) equipment when working in the field: notebooks, laptops, cameras, dictaphones… the important tools of the trade! If you are lucky enough to be able to have these things, you need to be taking care of them.


Why? Because unfortunately I was on the receiving end of doing the opposite. My dictaphone, sadly, has not received such great care, in it’s such short life…

I received it as a present last Christmas, in all its technological glory. It was one of the most advanced objects in technology I had received, and I didn’t really know what to do with it. I have used it a lot this year, in gaining quotes for articles, face to face. But unfortunately, disaster struck.

Recently I have been booking an interview for a 700 word article – and I couldn’t find the dictaphone! Obviously I had followed my childish mantra of putting it somewhere secret and safe, and promptly forgetting about my handy assistant. It used to be essential part of my handbag, and yet it was no where to be seen. Initiating a household search bore no real fruit either – until my mother found it, two days later.
On reflection, I learnt that journalists must always know where all our gadgets and gizmos are, so that they can fulfil the job to the full. This came after the near loss of my year-old dictaphone, that is going to become very handy next week. Obviously, the sheer amount of junk I found in searching didn’t help – time to detox!

Now I have my lovely dictaphone back, and I know where I will be keeping it safe!


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