A day off treat and evening of writing

On Friday, I enjoyed a rare weekday off. Having built up some holiday at work I decided to enjoy an extended three-day weekend which is good in anyone’s books. Rather than spending the daytime catching up on my writing, I spent the day doing quite the opposite: enjoying a lie-in, going for breakfast, a spot of shopping and some baking!

Enjoying my day off, the most obvious choice for breakfast was Bill’s. Having never been to the Brighton Bill’s before I was far from disappointed with my Eggs Benedict and a raspberry and mango smoothie. This place never disappoints, and I found myself saying ‘That breakfast was so good’ about three hours after having finished it all… Mmmmm.

Bill's breakfast... perfection

Bill’s breakfast… perfection

With a particular sweet tooth, I also did some baking, with a little bit help! Hazelnut and white chocolate flapjacks went down a treat.

They taste as good as they look.

They taste as good as they look.

After a lovely, rare weekday off I decided to dedicate my evening to writing! Yes, on a Friday evening I set up camp in front of the TV watching various crap programmes (aside from Miranda), finishing all my February articles before deadline day, and turning to my blog for an evening of tapping away on my laptop. Now, I have a bit of a break from my community writing after the early-December deadlines are nearly over, and I’m hoping my attention will turn to blogging.

I always feel satisfied after having finished an article, or written a blog post, or having had an idea for something that I want to write about. After speaking about #BEDN on my previous post, it made me realise that taking ten minutes out to write every day may not be as much of a chore as I thought. Not that I am committing to blogging every day, but when I was travelling, for four months, my friend and I took 5-10 minutes out of our morning or evening to write. We both had journals, and wrote down everything in those little books that happened to us – the good, the bad, the stressful and the wonderful! Typing is always easier, faster and more efficient. Yet we had scraggly old notebooks, pens that were running out and sometimes an unbalanced lap on a bus to lean on… but we still managed to write every day for four months. Now I sit at my laptop most evenings wasting time on MailOnline or Twitter, when I could be writing. When WordPress is open and I’m cosy on my bed with my laptop on my lap, I love writing – so it needs to happen more often.

Well, it’s easy to say…


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