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Inspired by #BEDN and fellow journo chat

I have been so inspired by the #BEDN posts that I have been reading from my regular blogs. The idea of it (blogging every day in November) might not seem that hard, if you think that the posts don’t have to be extremely long – but in reality I think it is! I didn’t know about #BEDN until very late and, ashamedly, didn’t attempt it either when I found out.

Sadly, this isn't true for me... oops.

Sadly, this isn’t true for me… oops.

Speaking to a fellow blogger about it recently, who is taking part it in herself, she said that part of the reason she was taking part was to develop her own writing style. Working for different companies in this industry – whether it be through feature writing, social media, web content, blogging, etc. – you are expected to write in their style, in their way and to appeal to their audience. Rightly said, this can sometimes take you away from your writing style. That’s not to say it is a bad thing, part of writing well, is being able to adapt your writing style to the different forms of media, different target audiences, and to suit the needs of that specific publication.

This chat made me realise that I am guilty of not developing my own writing style, and not writing enough! The aim of this blog is to inspire and discuss the ins and outs of the journalism industry and sometimes the posts can be very fact-based, rather than pursuing the conversational tone of my own writing style. It doesn’t take me long to blog, and it’s not a chore – I want to write more often!

After all, blogging is seen as an insight into someone’s life. Let’s be honest, we like being nosey, we like to have a sneak peek into what someone is doing with their day – #BEDN is the prime way to be nosey into someone’s blogging experiences! We like seeing pictures of what they are doing, we’re curious, even if you don’t want to admit it. I realised that my blog is less about what I am doing, and my own journalism experiences, and more about what others could/should/might want to be doing. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but I do want to write more about what I am doing, what I find useful and helpful in this competitive industry.

Now no one should make promises that they can’t keep, but I’m hoping this isn’t one of them.

Here’s what I’ve been reading in #BEDN November:
(Read my interview with the blogger herself, here).


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