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CONTRIBUTE: Your Local Guardian – young reporter 2014

Fancy contributing to Your Local Guardian? And being entered into a young reporter competition?

Young reporters 2014

Young reporters 2014

Their ‘your say’ section for schools enables budding journalists to have their work published online! View this link for more information:

As well as tips on your articles:

“1. Do not take images from Google or other websites – you must own the copyright on any image you use or ask permission of the original owner.
2. Images must be more than 1200 pixels wide, in RGB colour, JPEG format.
3. Clearly caption any photos of people or places.
4. Do not alter the sort date on any articles you upload.

Read about last year’s awards, here.

Read about the 2014 awards, here.

Visit their ‘Contact us’ page to see which local areas are covered. The articles are submitted by local students who have agreed to the website’s terms of use.


• If you would like to contribute, contact Diana Jarvis at


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