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The Telegraph Editorial Graduate Programme 2014.

When I was about half-way through university, realising that I actually had to find a job at the end of it, I really thought that there were no graduate schemes out there for the media and creative industries. All my friends who were looking for marketing/business/IT type graduate schemes had a wealth of opportunities to choose from, but for journalism, the ‘graduate scheme’ idea didn’t seem that prominent. But, after searching a bit more, I realised that they were out there, and it is possible to get on a journalism graduate scheme. Of course they are competitive, but that shouldn’t put you off! As well as the Daily Mail, The Telegraph also does a trainee editorials scheme, which is currently open for applications.

“The Editorial Graduate Programme offers a unique opportunity for   high-performing, ambitious graduates who want to initiate a career in   journalism with the UK’s biggest selling quality newspaper.”


You can view information on the 2013 trainees, on this link, where you can find general application and interview pointers.

What are they looking for?

  • A recent graduate and wanting a stimulating career with a  successful global media business
  • A ‘good’ degree
  • A deep interest in current affairs
  • Fizz with original and  unconventional ideas
  • A passion for and committment to quality  journalism.

What’s the process?

  • First stage interview – These will take place towards the end of  January 2014.
  • Assessment centre – This will take place at the beginning of February 2014.

What is the programme list?

  • The first seven weeks of the Editorial Graduate Programme are spent with the Press Association at their training Centre in Howden. This includes training in traditional journalism skills  such as news writing, libel and grammar, plus multimedia journalism skills  such as writing for the web and producing video and audio content for online.
  • On completion of training with the Press Association, graduates will partake  in regional newspaper placements around the UK. They will then return to  TMG’s offices where they undertake six work placements to gain experience in  some of the key editorial areas including News, Features, Business and  Sport.
  • Telegraph Media Group is committed to offering its employees the best training  opportunities and all staff are required to attend a set number of internal  training sessions as part of the group’s required learning. Editorial   Graduates will be expected to meet their training quota and will acquire new  skills and knowledge from the latest thought provoking training programmes.




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