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Bye bye Zest Magazine

It was shocking to find out that on Tuesday 5th November, Zest Magazine announced that January 2014 will be their last ever issue. Another printed magazine that is folding, and will there be another one?

Zest Magazine is the UK’s top selling women’s healthy lifestyle magazine. It is a monthly magazine and looks at issues of beauty, health and fitness advice. It was initially published in 1994 and now, nearly 20 years later it has decided to fold. This hit a nerve with me as soon as I read it on Twitter, because it was one of those magazines I aspired/dreamed that one day I would like to work for! I like the lifestyle element of the magazine, including stress, anxiety, wellbeing, health tips, travel and women’s challenges.


Hearst Magazines made a statement:

Hearst Magazines UK has today confirmed plans to close Zest with immediate effect. The last issue of Zest (January 2014) will publish on 5th December.

The decision to close the brand was made following a recent business review across the Hearst Magazines UK portfolio. The review was undertaken to ensure Hearst Magazines UK operates more efficiently and effectively as it re-shapes itself for the future.

Anna Jones, COO for Hearst Magazines UK says: “Closing a magazine is never an easy decision, but we have made this move because we believe it is the best way to ensure Hearst Magazines UK remains robust and adaptable for the future and more responsive to changing consumer and advertiser needs. We are taking this decisive action now so that we have time to put resources into those areas that will really make the difference in the coming year.”


What is your opinion on printed titles? Do you think this could be the future of the printed magazines in our country?


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