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Five ways to deal with rejection and ‘not getting THAT job’.

When applying for jobs, rejection can be in two forms: you either hear nothing back at all, or you receive a rejection email/letter/phone call telling you that you weren’t successful. For me, getting no reply was in the majority. And I’m not sure what is worse? Being left with that tiny, glimpse of hope that you still might get a call because they haven’t officially ‘rejected’ you yet, or getting an instant rejection so you can deal with it, forget about it and get on with your other applications. Out of all the jobs I applied for I got two ‘official’ rejections. One a couple of weeks after I applied for a job over email, and another about two months later when I had already found another job!


It can be really disheartening to be constantly applying and having no luck, climbing no further up the ladder. So here are a few tips to get you back on track after a nasty rejection:

Find out why

Not the easiest thing to do, but one simple question to the employer might be able to shade light on a small error or advice they have on your application. If you do get a rejection, then this is an ideal way to approach them and ask for their opinion on your application. If anything, it shows you are motivated to succeed. If you don’t hear anything for a while after the closing date, seek to find the best person to talk to, (presume you haven’t go the job) and ask the same thing.

Get opinion on your CV

You might think your CV is fantastic, bound to get you the job, flawless, etc but you aren’t the one employing yourself. Try and find a journalist in the industry/a contact you know/someone in the media industry and explain the situation. Send off your CV and ask for their opinion and anything that you should maybe change/alter.

Onto the next one..

Don’t let this put you off applying. Job applications can be very time-consuming and once you have spent all your time on it, sent it off, and then not got the job, it is really disheartening. It isn’t the end of the world because there are still jobs out there perfect for you, so find them, and keep applying.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

Similarly to the previous point, don’t put all your hopes on one job that you are desperate to get. Yes apply for it, and try your hardest, but keep on applying even if you are still waiting to hear back.

Don’t limit your applications

Even if you are desperate to work on that one magazine/newspaper you have had your sights set on for the past five years, the reality is, it is unlikely you will get there straight away. Widen your options, look for alternative publications, different topics/subject areas, perhaps look for online media jobs as well as printed. Keeping your options open will give you a wider range of jobs to apply for.


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