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CONTRIBUTE: Fitness fan

Now I wish I could say I was a fitness fan. I have my days… once a month. I have short spurts of wanting to becoming really fit, then realise I just can’t resist the increasing pile of biscuits left in the kitchen at work. I also blame the cold weather for not wanting to exercise, so perhaps this isn’t a publication I would choose…

Fitness fan is a UK blog dedicated to bringing you news and features in the world of sports and fitness. If this is up your street, then you have the chance to have your sporty-style writing exposed to the world of the internet…


We want to educate you on how to cook decent and nutritious meals, work out properly, while consistently improving your well-being and lifestyle. 

They have loads of different categories, from fitness, training and nutrition, to a whole section on women, psychological, tech and news. And here’s what they are looking for:

“Do you enjoy writing? Do you want to increase your online presence and exposure? If so, then come and write for  us at Fitness Fan blog. Our primary goal is to provide the latest information, reviews and user insights into the fitness and health industry. This can cover topics from training, sports and nutrition to psychological and mental barriers athletes face, aimed at all levels of fitness, applying to both genders.”

They do have a set criteria for their guest posts, including:

  • Guest Posts must be between 400 and 600 words in length.
  • Guest Posts must be on-topic: fitness and health related.
  • Guest Posts must be well written, engaging, entertaining and above all, to-the-point.
  • Please can Guest posts be written in a blog style and format.
  • Guest Posts must include at least one image.
  • PLEASE DO NOT submit content that has been previously published at another site including your own blog or that is plagiarized from another website.

So if you’re a fitness fanatic, why not give it a go?


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