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Lowdown on Gem Royston-Claire – columnist in Company magazine

By Annette Stevens

Although I had planned to write about Louise Court this week, I felt that I could find a lot more information about someone else…

I will be looking at Gem Royston-Claire, from Company magazine.

I will be looking at Gem Royston-Claire, from Company magazine.

If you love Company magazine, you’ll know that from May this year, they had a new female columnist- Gem. Before jumping to being part of the features team, and writing her column, she was a web-assistant for Company. As well as this, she was (and still is) a style blogger over at

Before this however, she was still a style blogger, and by day was doing aFashion Promotion degree. Whilst her student life was in full swing, she was being invited to blogging parties and putting alot of effort into her writing. After briefly speaking to her about how she landed her job at Company, this is what she had to say:

“I had finished uni and was dividing my time between blogging and working at Topshop when I found out my blog had been nominated for Company’s 2012 Style Blogger Awards. I adored Company and was VERY excited that I’d get to meet the team on the night. After a cocktail (or three) I plucked up the courage to strike up a conversation with Victoria, the editor. I cheekily asked if there was any jobs going as I was Company’s number one fan and I found out about the web assistant vacancy which I went on to get. After 10 months, I was promoted onto the features team where I am now, and my days include fun things like interviewing our cover stars and writing my own beauty column. It’s been such a surreal journey, but it goes to show that unrivalled passion for a brand can make your career dreams come true!”

As well as writing her column, as Gem usually says “It’s the shiz” (that’s what I think of her blog),  she is also part of the Company features team. A feature writer, columnist and blogger – what more could you possibly want? (Apart from those really cool shoes…! Read more here).

As well as this, she has done YouTube videos too:

If you are on Twitter, follow her, as her tweets are guaranteed to make you laugh, or at least crack a smile!

Follow @gemfatale

Follow @gemfatale

Hopefully soon I will be talking more to Gem, to find out more about her journalism journey, so keep an eye out! As a “Company girl“,  a game from Company HQ has been promoted, called ‘Would you rather…’ , So I asked Gem a couple…

Adele or Lady Gaga?          Adele

90’s or 80’s?                        90’s forever!

Beauty or fashion?            BEAUTY every time

Lipgloss or Lipstick?          Lipstick

Slingbacks or flats?           Flats

Here is my pick of her three best posts on the blog: “They call me mellow yellow”, Gem’s blogging guide, and Feline Fest.

If you have any questions you would like to ask an editor, please tweet @Jump4journalism.

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