CONTRIBUTE: Birthday Magazine

Well, this is one for the girls. Especially if you like pink..

Birthday Magazine, has been set up in association with 02’s Think Big (see here for a detailed plan of their project.) Yomi Adegoke, founder of the magazine, said: “At the moment its online, but we’re hoping to move to print if our sponsors are willing to fund us!” They are launching their magazine fully in December.


Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 15.03.24

What is it? It’s a brand-new, online magazine covering everything a girl would want to know, from beauty and fashion, to culture and careers, and a personal favourite of mine, DIY! How do they define themselves?

“We’re the older sister that doesn’t mind when you borrow her clothes.

We’re the friend who always picks up their phone.

We’re your best hair day.

We’re the party next door everyone is invited too.

We’re your cookbook, style bible, self-help book and everything in between.

We are Birthday Magazine.”

If you love all things girly, and would like to get involved, email They are welcoming everything from art, poetry, short stories, articles, and suggestions! So get in touch if you’re keen.

Remember, it’s a NEW publication, looking for NEW and exciting ideas. Getting in there early might secure you a regular contributing spot… who knows! They cover a range of topics so see what suits you best!

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 14.57.19


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