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Brand-new, career advice website: THE MEDIA ECLECTIC

The aim of this blog, was to give aspiring journalists – whether they be graduates or not – advice and to read up on experiences on breaking into the journalism and media industry. Having been aware that the advice I was looking for was not there, one of my main sources of information was through interviewing journalists themselves – how did they get into the industry? Did they go to uni? Do a lot of work experience? Have a good contact? I have found interviews such as these invaluable. The following website seems to have hit the nail on the head regarding inspirational and helpful, media-related career advice!

The Media Eclectic’s website is great – wonderfully designed, with an easy layout and modern design – I’m impressed!

Ten graduates have slammed the ‘know-it-all’ career advice, arguing there is nothing inspirational for students wanting to break into the media industry. Because of this, they have set up a new website, launched on September 29th, called The Media Eclectic who aim to ‘tell it how it is’ as they embark on their own journey in the media industry.
About the founders:
The website brings together ten of the most talented individuals from last year’s student media in the United Kingdom. During their time at university, they won a total of 14 national awards between them for their work across newspapers, television, magazines and radio. Some of the advice provided by professionals at the top media outlets in the UK is invaluable and insightful, but too often is drowned out by information that is impersonal and that doesn’t relate to the majority of young people wanting to break into the business, the graduates say. Find out more about each of the ten graduates, by clicking here.
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Watch their launch video:

Co-Founder, Tom Allright, who is now a member of the BBC Production Talent Pool after a three-year period in student radio, said:

“In just a few weeks of being within the BBC environment, I have learnt so much and been assisted by some incredibly talented people. It is such a shame that all of the guidance provided to students wanting to go into the media isn’t of similar quality.“

Jago Pearson, who co-founded his university’s first independent student newspaper, The Epinal, which was shortlisted for publication of the year after only its first twelve months in existence, said:

“The ten of us all have different skills, ambitions and paths we are taking within the broad career route that is ‘media’. Instead of pretending we know it all, we hope that by telling it how it is during our first year in and around the professional business, we’ll be able to entertain and inform our peers who are looking to do the same.”

Connor Pearce, former manager of his student television station, said:

“And it won’t all be serious. There will be some laughs along the way. We’ll inevitably mess up, but our readers should relate to that. We aim to just cut out the irrelevant general advice and really tell it how it is in a way our peers can understand.”

The Media Eclectic
will run for twelve months, with each of the ten bloggers detailing their successes, trials and tribulations along the way via the medium of written blogs, video, audio and user interaction.

What do you think of it? Tweet me at @Jump4Journalism, or email me on!


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