Who wants chowder? By Annette Stevens

There are many branches of journalism, which takes the form of different syles of writing. Magazines, books, websites, copy-writers and columnist all show different forms of writing, just like journalism does. Well, today I will be looking at screen writers and directors, as well as with the hit TV show, Family Guy.

In answer to the title question, I do not want chowder, as this refers to an episode in Family Guy, when there was a major vomit scene beforehand… gross.

download (3)

So who am I talking about? The life and times of Seth Macfarlane (Creator of Family Guy).

Seth Woodbury Macfarlane was born October 26th 1973. He is (as well as a screen writer/director) a Voice Over Actor, Animator, Comedian, Producer and Singer. He is the creator of Family Guy, Co-creator of American Dad and The Cleveland Show.

At age five he began publishing a weekly comic strip with his local paper, The Kent Good Times Dispatch, for which they paid him five dollars. Some of the humour would be upped a notch, and replaced with Family Guy, in the pilot series of 1999.

Seth also has an Animation degree, and aged 24, was one of the highest screen paid writers of all time. This was due to a deal with Fox, to keep Family Guy and American dad running to 2012 (for 100 million dollars). He also has album released in 2011, “Music is Better than Words”, which reached great acclaim. Currently, he is a film Director, and has recently finished filming “A million ways to die in the wild wild west”. With the success of TED, his audience is waiting for next years release.

Macfarlane is also a Guest Speaker at American Universities, and supports Gay rights.

So it’s not just journalism that writing can unfold into, there are a range of writing careers!

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